Christopher Sharman is a freelance cinematographer based in London and Norwich, UK


A former ITV trainee, Chris joined the BBC in 2002 and shot countless hours of news and short-form current affairs, eventually progressing onto network feature documentaries.


Since leaving to become freelance in 2007, Christopher has continued his documentary work for the BBC and many other national and international broadcasters.  He has also transitioned into narrative work, commercials and music promos and has filmed throughout the UK and Europe, as well as further afield in the USA, Canada, Africa and Asia in recent years.


He has been selected by BAFTA for the emerging talent programme BAFTA Crew 2016.


Christopher’s experience allows him to light and shoot for a wide range of styles.  Camera operating is second-nature, and he combines his technical skills with an artistic eye, unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to deliver the right images for the story and the director.


Chris is familiar with industry-standard digital cinema cameras from RED & Arri, as well as broadcast HD formats. A RED Epic Dragon owner, he can offer a comprehensive equipment package at excellent rates.  Please get in touch to discuss options, and what would be right for your project.